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『qico Reader |跨裝置傳輸』- 一條影片達標500%

近日,IQCO 發布了一個名為QICOReader跨時代傳輸的新產品 ,希望能讓大家的生活變得更簡單。所以我希望創造兩個空間,在辦公室及居家環境做切換。展現產品的體驗方便性,就像我一樣:需要把資料帶到世界各地工作只要一個USB就能方便的傳輸。

Recently, IQCO released a new product called QICOReader cross-generation transmission, hoping to make everyone's life easier. So I hope to create two spaces, switching between the office and Kerry. Demonstrate the convenience of product experience, just like me: you need to carry data with you to work around the world, and you can easily transfer it with just a USB.






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